“You are friendly, clear, informative and very thorough in delivery. I learned in half a day what I would learn in a month’s training. I am proud to say that I am now a well-informed individual when it comes to transgender awareness because of your expertise.

The environment you create is relaxed and easy-going and as a result we felt comfortable to ask questions which aided our understanding. The inclusion of statistics, historical factors and information about mental ill health, certainly helped me to consider cultural and social issues as well.

I would highly recommend your training as you promote social inclusion and equality. This is a crucial factor in any successful organisation. Most importantly, I would recommend you above others because you are a wonderful instructor and incredibly passionate about transgender awareness and all of the LGB+ community. Thank you!”

Rosie – Counsellor

“Your training style is superb, I love your passion for the subject and enthusiasm. All the information was clear and you engaged so well with the audience. This created a safe space for everyone to feel part of the event.”

Sharon – Educational psychologist

“I accompanied Lisa to various talks and training session for a wide variety of audiences, including teachers and schools. She is always passionate, engaging and informative and has had hugely positive feedback. Lisa provides resources and strategies for staff to take back to their workplace to implement. Through first being supported by Lisa and then assisting her with training and talks, I have seen that she remains consistently professional and knowledgeable but at the same time her personable, friendly and non-judgemental attitude always shines through”. 

Daniel – Young person


“I was supported by Lisa for a number of months after I first started to socially transition. I have never met someone with as much knowledge and experience as Lisa. Her personality and approach immediately put me at ease and made it very easy for me to talk to her. Any issues I had, Lisa had previous first-hand experience in or had the expertise to tackle it or support me through it in the best possible way. Whether that be knowing where I stood legally regarding my rights as a trans person, tackling and challenging discrimination, providing one-to-one support for my mental health and pointing me in the direction of other organisations and groups to further support this. Lisa also provided information on the process I would go through to medically transition and assisted me every step of the way, whilst also helping me with copious amounts of form filling after legally changing my name!”.

Daniel – Young person

“Thank you for everything this year. I wouldn’t be here without this group or your never ending optimism. Words cannot describe how thankful I am to you for all you have done for me this year. You’re a star”.

Jack – Young person

“Thank you for everything. I now think of how you gave me the strength to be the person I am today. You are a brilliant human being!” 

Ciera – Young person

“To express our gratitude for all you have done for all of us would just be impossible. I really hope you know though what a life saver and enhancer you have been”. 

Lucy – Parent of a young person